Building Information

Comprehensive Building Information

At Agility Building Solutions, we strive to provide you with honest and comprehensive building information for any changes being made to your property whether domestic or light commercial. We pride ourselves on providing quality and professional workmanship at competitive prices.

We understand that for our clients, a project of any type, can be a stressful  process. We are here to provide you with sound and honest advice about your options before making any final decisions.

Make the planning part fun

We want you to be excited and confident going into your project. From the beginning of the process, we place emphasis on stepping through a thorough quotation process. We want to ensure a clear, efficient and transparent approach to the overall project.

Experience makes all the difference

AGBS employs qualified, certified builders who bring combined experience to the table  along with our large team of specialist sub contractors. In a nut shell, we are experienced and passionate about our craft.

From the planning process,  to council consent and onto the completed project, you can rely on AGBS  to provide a professional seamless flow.