Project Planning

Project Planning is Key

At Agility Building Solutions, we understand that the key to any successful project lies in the planning stages. Careful project planning should not be  ignored in favour of getting on with the work. A detailed and accurate plan will undoubtedly save you time and money while helping you avoid potential problems that could arise from lack of foresight.

Whether you call it a project plan or a project timeline, it is absolutely imperative that you develop and maintain a document that clearly outlines the project milestones and major activities required to implement your project.

Process versus Project Planning

Project planning, contrary to popular belief, is not the same as process planning. While both are key elements in general project management, process planning focuses more on the selection of the resources needed for the project, while project planning focuses on identifying and arranging the individual tasks required to complete each step.

Planning the project requires management of the resources identified by the process planning, which also provides the general framework for achieving a desired end.

How Agility Building Solutions Can Help

Our  many years of combined experience and our professional team will take control and deliver to you a completed project, on time and within an agreed budget.

After we help you map out a plan, we will see to it that each action item or step necessary to complete the project is implemented in a timely manner.

Our managers will coordinate the actions of each team member, measure progress and keep you fully informed on a regular basis. In general, the project manager will act as team coach, supporting and leading in any way necessary to keep the project moving forward in a timely and cost efficient manner.

We believe that the key to successful  project planning is about gaining the most benefit while making the wisest use of available resources.